Basara Hotels

Basara Haritha Hotel Room Booking Options: 

AC 4 Bedded Room for 4 Adults Rs.1624/- per day(24 hrs) weekdays & Rs.1624/- weekends

AC Double Bedded Room for 2 Adults Rs.1456/- per day(24 hrs) weekdays & Rs.1456/- weekends

Non AC 4 Bedded Room for 4 Adults Rs.950/- per day(24 hrs) weekdays & Rs.950/- weekends

Non AC 3 Bedded Room for 3 Adults Rs.850/- per day(24 hrs) weekdays & Rs.850/- weekends

Non AC Double Bedded Room for 2 Adults Rs.750/- per day(24 hrs) weekdays & Rs.750/- weekends


Basar is a village with wonderful gardens surrounded by the temple premises of Telangana state, 30-km from Nizamabad. Basar is situated on the banks of River Godavari. It is located at a distance of about 240-km by road and 190-km by rail from Hyderabad.

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